Contracts & Interlocal Agreements

Intergovernmental Agreements

Intergovernmental agreements are authorized through the Interlocal Cooperation Act (Ch. 39.34 RCW) of Washington state. The act provides for public agencies to contract with one or more other public agencies to perform governmental activities or services which each agency is authorized by law to perform individually. This means a city may contract with another city, the county, a special purpose district, or an agency of the state or federal government. These agreements are an expression of regional cooperation and can benefit the community by combining resources of neighboring jurisdictions to increase efficiency, reducing duplication of efforts, resolving problems collectively, bringing services to smaller communities, and sharing costs.  Common examples of intergovernmental agreements include law enforcement services, fire protection services, jail services, court services, emergency dispatch services, building inspections and code enforcement, or joint use of equipment, buildings, or personnel.


The City Manager is authorized by the City Council to sign all administrative, financial, and legal contracts related to the conduct of city business. Contracts include Professional Services Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, construction contracts, social services contracts, and a variety of others.

Franchise Agreements

Franchise agreements are executed between the city as the granting authority and the grantor.  The city grants specific provisions of authorization, rights and privileges, to the grantor in order to serve customers within the Lacey area.  Common examples of franchise agreements include cable and utilities services.

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