File a claim for damages

If you have been injured or your property has been damaged and you believe the City of Lacey may have a responsibility to you, you must fill out a Claim for Damages form for the City to determine its level of responsibility, if any*.

The form can be also be accessed at City Hall.

To obtain a copy of the Washington State Tort Claim Form Packet (an alternate Claim for Damage Form), please contact the Senior Human Resources Analyst (Risk & Liability).

* Submission of a Claim for Damages does not guarantee payment by the City or its insurance carriers. An investigation by a claims adjuster will be made to determine if the City has any liability as determined by applicable laws. You may be contacted by a claims adjuster representing the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA), which is a self-insured municipal risk pool. These investigations will be conducted as expeditiously as possible. If it is determined that the City has a responsibility to you, the amount of the claim payment is based on the level of City liability, the level of your liability (if any), and the depreciated value (not replacement value) of the property damaged.

If you have contacted the City in an emergency, the Operations and Maintenance crew or other City employees may assist you as a public service. This assistance does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of the City.

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