Homeowners’ Associations

Homeowners’ associations provide valuable opportunities for neighbors to work together toward a common goal of improving and maintaining the quality of life in their neighborhood.

What is a Homeowners’ Association?

Homeowners’ associations are formal legal entities created to maintain common areas and enforce private deed restrictions (CC&R’s). Most condominium and townhome developments, and single-family subdivisions have homeowners’ associations, which are usually created when the development is built.

Features of a Homeowners’ Association:
  • Membership is mandatory for all property owners within the boundaries of the development
  • Members are usually charged mandatory fees
  • Homeowners’ associations have the legal authority to enact and enforce maintenance and design standards in addition to those established by City ordinances
  • Homeowners’ associations are corporations with formal bylaws – there is usually a governing board which hires a property management company to handle maintenance and enforcement issues
  • Many homeowners’ associations publish a newsletter, which is sent to members at the association’s expense.

The Public Affairs Department offers a variety of resources and networking opportunities for homeowner and neighborhood associations to organize and build connections within the community.

Meetings & HOA Academy


Representatives from all homeowner and neighborhood associations are invited to attend community resource meetings sponsored by the City of Lacey.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis with a variety of topics presented.


The City hosts an annual Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Academy in November for HOA board members in Lacey and Lacey’s Urban Growth Area neighborhoods.

This conference-style event features presentations from professionals knowledgeable in HOA legal issues, board responsibilities, dispute resolution, neighborhood safety, and more. 


Saturday, November 5, 2022

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Lacey Community Center – 6729 Pacific Avenue SE

Education and Networking for Homeowners’ Associations!

2022 class session topics announced soon!

Pre-registration is required and lunch will be provided.

$35 – Lacey & Lacey Urban Growth Area Board Members or Managers ($10 discount for additional members)

$45 – Board Members or Managers from Other Jurisdictions


Contact: Jenny Bauersfeld, Community Relations Specialist | jbauersf@ci.lacey.wa.us | 360.438.2621

For additional information or special accommodations, please contact the Lacey Public Affairs Department at publicaffairs@ci.lacey.wa.us or call (360) 491-3214.



The Neighborhood Associations Directory is a resource booklet containing information on neighborhood and homeowner associations, both active and inactive, within Lacey’s corporate limits and Urban Growth Area (UGA).

Information in this directory is updated by the Public Affairs Department.

To request a copy of the directory, submit a Public Records Request.

Note: Information contained in this directory is not intended for commercial use.

To include or update information for your association:

Contact Public Affairs at (360) 491-3214 to request a Neighborhood Associations Update Form or simply email updated information to publicaffairs@ci.lacey.wa.us.


Locate Neighborhood Associations

A map to locate Lacey homeowner and neighborhood associations is available through this website. For additional information, please contact Lacey Public Affairs at publicaffairs@ci.lacey.wa.us or (360) 491-3214. 

View Map: Lacey Neighborhood Associations map

If you should notice any errors in our mapping application, please notify us at publicaffairs@ci.lacey.wa.us.

Grant Program


The Lacey City Council wishes to encourage neighborhood activities that foster community pride, expand citizen involvement, and beautify the city. To facilitate this initiative, the City Council implemented the Neighborhood Grant Program and has allocated $60,000 to this program, to improving our area neighborhoods. 

Applications are now closed for the 2022 grant cycle. Check back soon for details on applying for 2023 grant funds – application period opens January 1!

Neighborhood Grant Program Guidelines and Information 

For more information, contact Jenny Bauersfeld, Community Relations Specialist, 360-438-2621 or jbauersf@ci.lacey.wa.us.

For additional information, please contact the Lacey Public Affairs Department at publicaffairs@ci.lacey.wa.us or call (360) 491-3214.

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