Learn about LOTT’s Reclaimed Water Infiltration Study and Share Your Feedback.

The LOTT Clean Water Alliance recently completed a multi-year scientific study about reclaimed water infiltration. The study is intended to answer community questions about residual chemicals that may remain in reclaimed water, and what happens to them when reclaimed water is used to replenish groundwater. LOTT is hosting a virtual Community Forum and online Open House to provide information about the study and to collect feedback. 

Virtual Community Forum #1, August 15, 5:30-7:30 pm
Receive information from the study team and ask questions about study activities, findings, and proposed next steps. To attend, please pre-register by sending an email to reclaimedwaterstudy@lottcleanwater.org.

Online Open House, August 1 through September 15
Learn more about the study and provide feedback. The Open House and feedback survey are available online. Study findings and community feedback will be used to help inform a broader master planning effort currently underway to reassess options for managing wastewater into the future. Master planning will be the topic of two additional forums planned later this year. If you have questions, comments, or want to receive notice of upcoming forums, please send an email to reclaimedwaterstudy@lottcleanwater.org.

To learn more, visit LOTT’s website.