Neighborhood Commercial Districts

Update Process

Help Lacey update its Neighborhood Commercial Districts.

We are hosting a series of on-line and in-person community events to review our Neighborhood Commercial Districts (Districts).

These events offer opportunities to meet with neighbors, talk with City staff, learn about existing zoning standards, ask questions, and provide thoughts and ideas on how to update these Districts to better reflect the needs of the Lacey community.

Lacey Neighborhood Commercial Districts

The City of Lacey Municipal Code (Chapter 16.36) describes Lacey’s existing Neighborhood Commercial Districts in greater detail. The intent of these Districts is to:

  • Provide the opportunity for the development of small commercial facilities in residential areas catering to the day to day needs of consumers for a limited range of convenience goods and services;
  • Limit such commercial facilities as to size of site, bulk of structures, and to such locations as to serve a relatively large number of persons in a relatively small geographic area. To that end, pedestrian accessibility shall be a major criterion in the location of neighborhood commercial facilities;
  • Provide neighborhood commercial zones near residential areas to provide opportunities for neighborhood shopping and services with pedestrian accessibility.
Winter 2022 Open House

November 15th – Lacey Community Open House

To ensure we hear from as many individuals as possible, this event was offered in a hybrid format, with in-person and on-line opportunities to review content and share ideas. All exhibits and information offered at the in-person event, is also available on the City website.

Participants were able to review exhibits and share ideas about what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want to see in their neighborhoods through a survey.

Exhibits cover the history of Neighborhood Commercial Districts, how they got to be what they are today, how an application turns into a project, existing codes, and future opportunities to share ideas and connect with City staff.

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Winter 2022 Survey

The winter survey ran from November (2022) to January (2023).

The survey consisted of both multiple-choice (MC) and open-ended (OE) questions focusing on community characteristics and the role of Neighborhood Commercial Districts within the community. A total of 849 people participated in the survey. Full survey results, a Summary Report, and the Open House Posters are linked to this page and available for public review. To protect privacy, personally identifiable information has been removed.

Next Steps

As we move forward with this update, we will be reaching back out with additional opportunities to participate. Feel free to reach out to our team and share your contact information if you would like to receive project updates directly.

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