Ordinances, Resolutions & Proclamations

The City Council has a variety of options when considering action on a subject of interest. Ordinances, Resolutions, and Proclamations are three common solutions. Along with the full text of the Lacey Municipal Code, all Ordinances, Resolutions, and Proclamations are available online.

What is an ordinance?

An Ordinance is a municipal law which may be amended or repealed by adoption of another ordinance.  Except in cases of emergency, an ordinance as passed by the City Council, takes effect five days after its publication in the city’s official newspaper. Most ordinances become part of the Lacey Municipal Code.

What is a resolution?

Resolution may be used to express City Council policy, direct administrative or legal action, or to make a public statement from Council.

What is a proclamation and how do I request one?

Proclamation may be used to call attention to certain events or causes when such statements may positively impact the community and convey an affirmative message to Lacey residents.

Proclamation Requests

The Council will consider requests to proclaim certain events or causes, when such proclamations positively impact the community and convey an affirmative message to Lacey community members. Proclamations that are political in nature, that are controversial, or that likely would not enjoy a high level of community interest and support, are discouraged.

  1. The person(s) making the request should be a Lacey resident(s).
  2. The request should be made at least four weeks in advance of a regularly scheduled Council meeting.
  3. A local citizen should agree to be in attendance to accept the proclamation.
  4. The City retains the right to modify, edit, or otherwise amend the proposed proclamation to meet its requirements, needs, or policy determinations.
  5. The City retains the right to decide if the proclamation will be issued or not.
  6. The person(s) making the request must complete the application below.
  7. The Mayor, City Manager and/or staff designee will determine if the proposed proclamation meets the intent of this policy. When there is uncertainty in making this determination, the Mayor will consult with Council for their guidance.
  8. Once approved, the proclamation will be added to the appropriate Council agenda.
  9. If not approved, the applicant will be notified of the decision and the reason(s) for the decision.

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