Pavement Management

Every other year the City of Lacey collects pavement condition data for its entire roadway network.  All public roads are visually inspected for pavement surface defects.  These defects are documented and recorded in the pavement management database.  This allows the City to determine the current status of these streets on a network level, as well as make intelligent pavement-related repair and funding decisions. Having a pavement management program in place provides a valuable opportunity to evaluate pavement condition trends.  By studying these trends we can estimate and propose future budgetary and maintenance requirements, prioritize projects to maximize cost-effectiveness, and evaluate past performance. 

Here’s a summary of Lacey’s streets:

  • The average PCI score for the entire street network is 84.4
  • 34.8 centerline miles of arterial streets
  • 24.4 centerline miles of collector streets
  • 122.1 centerline miles of residential (local) streets
  • 181.3 total centerline miles of roadway within City limits

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