4 Locations of Sidewalk Repair;
Parkside Dr SE, Willows Crossing, Golf Club Pl SE, and 6th Ave SE
Golf Club Pl SE, and 6th Ave SE
Parkside Dr SE
Willows Crossing

2022 Sidewalk Repair

Project Background

This contract provides for the removal of tree stumps, installation of root barrier, replacement of topsoil to grade, removal and replacement of traffic curb, sidewalk and driveway entrances, and other work as outlined in bid documents.

The City has awarded the construction contract to Simmons & Sons Contracting Inc. Specific work to the area includes tree removal (which the City has already completed), sidewalk removal in damaged areas, sidewalk replacement, installation of root barrier, and the City will be replanting trees during the favorable transplant season in fall 2022. There are a few homes in which up to ½ of the damaged driveway apron will also be replaced.

If you have any coordination or construction issues you can contact the City of Lacey project inspector Dave Weissenfluh at 360-701-9015.

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Locations of work

September 1, 2022

Project Start up

Simmons & Sons Contracting, Inc. Montesano, WA has been awarded this construction contract. They will begin work Tuesday, September 6, in the Willows Crossing neighborhood. Click link below for map of location. The work in this area is expected to go through the end of the month. 

Willows Crossing

If you have any immediate construction concerns you can call the project inspector, Dave Weissenfluh, at 360-701-9015.