Lift Station 19 Replacement

2631 Willamette Drive Northeast, Lacey, WA, USA

Public Works Projects

Department: Public Works

Project Background

The City has awarded the construction contract to Pacific Civil Infrastructure Inc of Tacoma, WA.

If you have any coordination or construction issues you can contact the City of Lacey project inspector Keven Inman at (360) 239-0333.


This contract provides for the decommissioning of an existing wet well/dry well wastewater lift station 19
and constructing a new submersible wastewater lift station off Willamette Drive NE in the Hawks Prairie
area. The work includes installing 790 LF of 8,12,15 and 18 inch diameter gravity sewer, 720 LF of 8
inch diameter sewer force main, new pumps, new standby generator, new wet well, new wet well lid and
hatch assembly, new safety railings, new valve vault, new valve vault access hatch, new receiving
manhole, temporary bypass pumping, new control cabinet, new electrical building and restroom, new
isolation pedestal, new yard hydrant, new RPBAs, new site light, new chain-link fencing and gates, new
piping and appurtenances, and site work. The work also includes removing sidewalk, pipe abandonment,
existing lift station demolition/decommissioning and salvage, installing irrigation, landscaping, and other