New Lacey Police Station

420 6th Ave SE, Lacey, WA 98503, USA

Public Works Projects

Department: Public Works

Project Background

Our existing police station was built in the 1970s and updated in 1985. It does not meet the requirements for condition, capacity, accessibility, or modern police programming. Due to facility limitations, the Lacey Police Department (LPD) does not have adequate space to:

  • Conduct confidential interviews.
  • Safely handle and package hazardous evidence.
  • Perform preliminary drug testing.
  • Provide a secure area to conduct required classroom and physical trainings.
  • Properly accommodate specialized police programming units.
  • Expand changing areas to accommodate all officers on the force, now and in the future.

This project is specifically designed to increase community access, interaction, and involvement. It will provide for a number of community-focused services not available in the current police station, while maintaining effective levels of community safety in our growing city.

For additional information please see City of Lacey Police Department webpage, which is linked in the document tab.


The City of Lacey (City) is moving forward on a project to construct a new Police Station and integrate re-imagined Community-Engagement spaces and provide for a dedicated Emergency Operation Center in the same facility. The facility will provide the necessary space and function to bring the best justice and event services to our community.

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Project Details and Progress

Project Details

  • Estimated Project Cost: +/- $53M to $56M
  • Funding Source: General Fund / Bond
  • Priority Level: High
  • City Role: Lead
  • City Level of Control: High
  • Lead Department(s): Police / Public Works
  • Secondary Department(s): City Manager/City Attorney/Public Affairs/Finance/Community & Economic Development
  • Contacts: Robert Almada, Chief of Police

Project Progress

  • Pre-Design – complete
  • Schematic Design – complete
  • 60% Design Review – complete
  • 90% Design Review – complete
  • 100% Design and Development – complete
  • Construction Design – complete
  • Construction – to be initiated upon award of bid by the City of Lacey

Figure 1 – Original Project Schedule


Community-Engagement Opportunities

We are committed to providing robust and transparent spaces for our residents to interact with and observe our police as they fulfill their duties to our community. The current facility lacks areas for safe:

  • Custody exchanges.
  • Interview rooms that offer privacy for victims and witnesses.
  • Secure rooms to interview suspects.

The current Community Room at City Hall is outdated and has limited capacity. The existing Police Station has no public area, other than a small lobby, to host indoor community meetings or events.  Enhanced community-engagement spaces for the purposes listed above and to hold events and meetings will be a much-need enhancement to the community.

In addition, the current facility lacks space for the vitally important task of providing continuity of operations that our City and community members need and require. Having space for a dedicated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is critical for the City to operate out of during emergencies and natural disasters.

We are excited to have a new facility that will facilitate a multipurpose community room, EOC, and 21st Century Police station that will live and grow with our City.