Public Defense

Individuals charged with a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor who cannot afford an attorney may request a public defender. Eligibility for a public defender is determined through a financial application and review. To learn more about indigent qualifications see, RCW 10.101.

A person who is indigent:

  • Receives public assistance (temporary assistance for needy families; aged, blind or disabled assistance benefits; medical care services under RCW 74.09.035; pregnant women assistance benefits, poverty-related veterans’ benefits, food stamps or food stamp benefits transferred electronically, refugee resettlement benefits, Medicaid, or supplemental security income); or
  • Is involuntarily committed to a public mental health facility; or
  • Receives an annual income, after taxes, of 125 percent or less of the current federally established poverty level; or
  • Is unable to pay the anticipated cost of an attorney for the matter before the court because the available funds are insufficient to pay any amount to hire an attorney. 

If you are found to be indigent, your case will be assigned to one of the following public defenders: 

Pacific Point Defense

Chris Langley

If you do not qualify for a public defender, you will need to hire an attorney on your own.

Please visit the Office of Public Defense or Thurston County Public Defense Resources for more information on other legal resources.

Public Defender Complaint/Comment Form

If you have a complaint or comment about your public defense, please fill out the form below and return it to the City at the address listed on the form. Once received, the City is required to respond. Submitted forms are public records and potentially eligible for release.

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