Community Awards & Recognition


The City is proud to have so many community members, organizations, and groups who go above and beyond for their community.

The City offers several awards to recognize individuals, organizations, and businesses for their contributions to the community. Learn more about the various awards and past recipients in the tabs above.

Spirt of Lacey

The Spirit of Lacey Award recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses who make significant contributions to the betterment of the greater community, or, whose acts of heroism, courage, selflessness, or exceptional volunteerism are worthy of special recognition.

This award is presented on a limited basis. The Mayor presents the Spirit of Lacey Awards at regularly scheduled City Council meetings.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations can submit written nominations at any time to the Lacey City Council. Nominations are reviewed by the Community Relations Committee prior to the full City Council. Nominations should document the significant and extraordinary contributions of the proposed recipient.


  1. Individuals
  2. Organizations – private, public, and not-for-profit
  3. Businesses

Review Criteria

  • Those who have made exceptional contributions that promote the betterment of the community
  • Actions that provide long-term value and benefit for future generations
  • Acts of heroism and selflessness
  • Exceptional environmental stewardship
  • Extraordinary generosity or investment in the community  


As merited.

Note: The Spirit of Lacey Award recognizes ‘exceptional’ and ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ contributions to the community. It is intended to be awarded sparingly and on a limited basis so as not to diminish its significance and the extraordinary contributions of recipients.

Past Recipients

Eric Nelson

Presented 12/15/2011

Heroism/Selflessness: On March 31, 2011, Eric Nelson witnessed a collision with two vehicles on Carpenter Road. One of the vehicles rolled onto its side and caught fire. Mr. Nelson risked his life and assisted the driver and the partially ejected passenger out of the burning vehicle. Video of Award


Brady Olson: Olson was a North Thurston High School teacher. He received this award for his act of heroism during a student shooting at the high school. His action ensured the safety of students in the vicinity, and reflects the true meaning of a hero.

Lacey Medallion

Other Recognition

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