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Inside the Lacey City Council of the 1970s

Lacey City Hall, Council Chambers

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In 1973, Lacey was in its early years as a City and defining moments were…

Wednesday, Jan. 10 2024
Lacey Cultural Celebration

Saint Martin's University

Savor the sights and sounds of the world without leaving Lacey!  Share the heritage and…

Saturday, Mar. 9 2024
Prince Hall Freemasons and Washington State 

Lacey City Hall, Council Chambers

Join Lester L. Dickson to traverse the centuries starting in circa 1770s to present day…

Wednesday, May. 8 2024
Lacey Spring Fun Fair

Saint Martin's University

Since 1988, the Lacey Spring Fun Fair has provided FREE activities and entertainment for thousands.…

Saturday, May. 18 2024-Sunday, May. 19 2024
Lacey in Tune

Huntamer Park

Lacey in Tune (LIT) returns to Huntamer Park this summer with a full line up…

Tuesday, Jul. 9 2024