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Children’s Entertainment – Cap’n Arrr

Huntamer Park

Starting July 9 & running through August 13, Tuesdays will be full of entertainment the…

Tuesday, Jul. 23 2024
Noon Concerts – Bobby Medina

Huntamer Park

Need a break during your lunch hour? Head to Huntamer Park Wednesdays at noon for…

Wednesday, Jul. 24 2024
Play in the Parks – Talewise Science Heroes

Wonderwood Park

Join us at various parks in Lacey for FREE family entertainment this summer! From July…

Thursday, Jul. 25 2024
Concerts & Movies – The Coats & Wonka

Huntamer Park

If you are looking for an inexpensive date night or family night, come to Lacey…

Friday, Jul. 26 2024
Cops, Cars, N Kids


Saturday, Jul. 27 2024