Our mission at the City of Lacey is to enrich the quality of life for all community members… to build an attractive, inviting, and secure community.  We pledge to work in partnership with our residents to foster community pride, to develop a vibrant, diversified economy, to plan for the future, and to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our environment.

Lacey is a non-charter code city and operates under the Council-Manager form of government pursuant to RCW 35A.13.  This system of local government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a governing body (the City Council), with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager (the City Manager).

The City Council consists of seven part-time, nonpartisan members elected at-large every two years to staggered, four-year terms. The council elects one of its members as Mayor and another as Deputy Mayor.

The City Council is responsible for enacting all legislation and making general policy decisions governing the City. The City Council appoints a full-time, professional City Manager to oversee the administrative functions of the City and to implement the policies and goals of the City Council. The City Manager also manages and coordinates the overall operations of the City and provides leadership, coordination and development of all City departments, while ensuring the delivery of quality services that meet the public’s needs.

The council also appoints members of the City’s advisory boards and committees.