Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

The adopted mission statement of the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is:

“To invest lodging tax revenues in community events and projects that attract the greatest number of visitors and tourism dollars to Lacey.”

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) annually recommends funding strategies to the Lacey City Council for lodging tax revenues. Lodging tax revenues are generated through a 4% hotel-motel tax imposed by the city on each room rental night. The tax is collected by local hotel and motel operators and is remitted to the Washington State Department of Revenue, which distribute the tax to the appropriate local government, in this case, Lacey. 

State law limits the use of lodging tax revenues to tourism promotion, museums, special events, and capital and operating expenses for tourism-related facilities. As examples, Lacey currently uses a portion of the annual lodging tax receipts to fund Visitor and Convention Bureau services, Chamber of Commerce visitor services, Museum operations, promotional and advertising expenses for the Regional Athletic Complex, and support for the South Sound BBQ Festival, the Senior Games, and Reach the Beach Washington, to name a few.

Additional information about the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is available in Chapter 3.03.045 of the Lacey Municipal Code.

2024 Lodging Tax Funds Application Cycle Now Closed

Anticipated Timeline for 2024 Lodging Tax Fund Applications:

August 112024 Lodging Tax Funds Applications Open
September 12024 Lodging Tax Fund Applications due by 5 p.m.
Week of September 18Supplemental Application Presentations
October 2023LTAC recommends Budget to City Council
2024Award Contracts Issued

Anticipated Lodging Tax Funds Application Process Changes:

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is testing the use of a scoring rubric for Lodging Tax Funding Applications. Some questions on this application will indicate an affiliated score value, which will be used for the scoring rubric. Scores resulting from the use of the scoring rubric will be considered by the committee but are not the final determining factor.

The City anticipates transitioning from paper to online only applications for future funding cycles beginning for the 2025 funding cycle.

Committee Members

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is comprised of five Board members who serve three-year staggered terms.  By statute, one member must be an elected official of the City.  This member serves as the Committee chair.  In addition, membership must include:

  • At least two representatives of businesses that collect the lodging tax; and
  • Two representatives involved in activities authorized to be funded by lodging tax revenues.

Public Comment for Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

In Person or Remote:
Persons wishing to provide verbal public comment may do so in person or remotely at the meeting.

Public comments may also be submitted by email to ssiglin@ci.lacey.wa.us. Written comments will be provided to the Committee electronically prior to the meeting. Comments will not be addressed during the Committee meeting; however, comments received will be added to the official record.

Upcoming Meetings

Board and Commissions Standards, Protocols, and Ground Rules

As a representative of the City and ambassador of our community, members of Lacey’s Boards and Commissions are expected to have common and consistent standards, protocols, and ground rules, similar to those that are used by the City Council. The Boards and Commission Standards, Protocols, and Ground Rules Handbook provides a comprehensive resource guide for Board and Commission members.

Meeting Accomodations

The City of Lacey provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.

To request an accommodation or written materials in an alternate format, contact the City Clerk at least seventy-two (72) hours before the meeting to discuss any necessary accommodations. You can reach the City Clerk by phone (360) 486-8704 or email cityclerk@ci.lacey.wa.us.

For vision or hearing impaired services contact the Washington State Relay Service at 7-1-1 or 1-800-833-6384.

Meeting Locations

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, all public meetings may be conducted remotely, in person, or a combination of the two. The public may attend the Lacey City Council meetings in person or by watching live through video streaming on the following platforms:

When not under the public health emergency:

Meeting Location
All public meetings convene in the Council Chambers of Lacey City Hall, 420 College Street SE. The public is invited to attend. Please refer to the individual meeting agenda for detailed instructions regarding the meeting location(s).

Apply to Serve on the Committee

Department Contact
Sadie Siglin

Management Analyst

TEL: 360-456-7788

EMAIL: ssiglin@ci.lacey.wa.us

City Manager

phone: 360-491-3214

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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