Online Filing for B&O Taxes

The City of Lacey is pleased to announce that online Business & Occupation (B&O) tax filing is available starting Quarter 1, 2024 for any business filing a report with no tax due. This includes businesses who are:

  • filing a report with less than $5,000 of gross income for the quarter, or
  • claiming eligibility for the Small Business Startup B&O Tax Exemption

At this time, businesses making a tax payment must still mail their report and payment as usual.

Annual filings for 2023 need to be made by paper submission, as well.

Please contact the Finance Department with any questions about online filing, at or 360‑486-8730.

How do I file online?

The City of Lacey is using the online forms provider Jotform to make this filing option available. Please use the link above to file your tax report.

Am I required to file my B&O taxes online now?

No, you may still file by paper. Online filing is optional.

How do I access a copy of my tax form if I file online?

After you submit your tax information, you will have the option to save a PDF file of your submission.

Is there a fee to file online?

No. There is no fee to file your B&O taxes online.

Is my personal and tax information secure?

Jotform is a secure platform, using a protected 256-bit SSL connection that is industry-standard. The B&O tax information you submit to the City is also encrypted. Your tax form is only accessed by City staff processing your online return, the same as we process paper forms. You can read more about Jotform’s security by visiting this page:

I pay B&O taxes every quarter. When will I be able to file and pay my taxes online?

We plan to make online filing an option for all businesses, including those making payments, in the future. Thank you for your patience while we develop this option.

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