Lacey Youth Council

Lacey Youth Council is an advisory body to the Lacey City Council on youth perspectives in the community. Members of the Lacey Youth Council meet twice monthly during the school year to conduct business and discuss projects. Councilmembers represent North Thurston High School, Pope John Paul II High School, River Ridge High School, and Timberline High School. 

Now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year!

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor serve as meeting Chairs and provide representation to outside organizations.

Mayor: Justin Begley, Timberline High School 
Deputy Mayor: Alejandra Linares, North Thurston High School 

Members of the Lacey Youth Council serve as Youth Representatives on various Boards and Commissions. 

Commission on Equity Youth Representative: Alanis Blackburn, River Ridge High School 
Board of Parks Commissioners Youth Representative: Declan Line, Timberline High School 
Historical Commission Youth Representative: Nathan Miller, Pope John Paul II High School 
Library Board Youth Representative: Sarah Towne, North Thurston High School 

Project Managers within the Lacey Youth Council support the community service work of the group. 

Climate Issues Project Manager: Laila Markland, River Ridge High School 
Social Media Project Manager: Ryen Hill, North Thurston High School 
Youth Summit Project Manager: Abigail Asare, North Thurston High School

General members contribute by voting, providing input, volunteering at events, and working with the project managers to achieve the goals of the Lacey Youth Council.

Councilmember: Hunter McKay, North Thurston High School 

Councilmember: Kaydence Husband, River Ridge High School 

Councilmember: Rianna Joseph, River Ridge High School 

Councilmember: Romeo Brown, Timberline High School

Learn about local government, work on community projects, and advise our City Council. Be the voice of your community.

The Lacey Youth Council is an advisory body to the Lacey City Council on youth perspectives related to the community. We are a 15-member group from high schools and home schools in Lacey and the Lacey Urban Growth Area. Sophomores serve as general members, while juniors and seniors serve as representatives to selective City of Lacey Boards and Commissions or as Project Managers. All Youth Councilmembers will have a vote. Youth Council’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor are juniors or seniors with prior experience in Lacey Youth Council. We are currently seeking students who will be sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the 2022-23 school year. If you are interested in sharing youth perspectives with local leaders, learning more about local government, and working on community projects, all while earning volunteer hours, then we’d love to have you apply.

Eligible candidates should be: enrolled as a sophomore, junior, or senior as of September 2022 in a local public, private, or home school in Lacey or the Urban Growth Area willing to commit to a minimum of two meetings a month, including preparation time a resident of Lacey or the Lacey Urban Growth Area (Not sure? Check

Terms of Office: One-year term from September 2022 to June 2023 Appointment is made by the City of Lacey Mayor and confirmed by the Lacey City Council

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