Lacey Youth Council

Established in 2019, the Lacey Youth Council is an advisory body to the Lacey City Council. The Lacey Youth Council provides a youth voice in our community. The Youth Council is comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors from North Thurston Public Schools, Pope John Paul II High School, and home school student bodies. The council elects a youth Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Clerk. Four councilmembers also serve as youth representatives on the following advisory boards: the Parks, Culture, and Recreation Board, the Commission on Equity, the Historical Commission, and the Library Board.

Members of the Lacey Youth Council meet twice monthly during the school year. At these meetings they learn about how their local government operates and current projects at the City. Youth councilmembers report to the Lacey City Council once a month, providing updates from their schools and their Youth Council sessions.

Each year the Youth Council works on projects and participates in events such as:
• A joint work session with the Lacey City Council
• A joint session with the Commission on Equity
• The Lacey Spring Fun Fair
• Hosting the Lacey Youth Summit

2023-2024 Lacey Youth Council Members


Sarah Towne

North Thurston High School

3rd Term

Deputy Mayor

Zury Ramirez-Plascencia

North Thurston High School

2nd Term


Eliana Allin

Pope John Paul II High School

1st Term

Representative to the Parks, Culture, and Recreation Board

Nathaniel Clay

Timberline High School

2nd Term

Representative to the

Commission on Equity

Samuel Tatarian

Timberline High School

1st Term

Representative to the Library Board

Sophie Allard

Timberline High School

1st Term

Representative to the Historical Commission

Rory Line

Timberline High School

2nd Term

2023-2024 Events

Tuesday, October 24, 2023Tour of the Thurston County Auditor Ballot Processing Center
Saturday, March 16, 2024Lacey Youth Summit and Resource Fair – CLICK HERE to learn more!
Monday, April 22, 2024Joint Session with the Commission on Equity
Saturday, May 18 – Sunday, May 19, 2024Lacey Spring Fun Fair

Who is eligible to serve?

Students who will be a sophomore, junior, or senior during their terms and are students enrolled in North Thurston Public High Schools, Northwest Christian High School, Pope John Paul II High School, or home school organizations in Lacey.

How long is a term?

Lacey Youth Council terms are one (1) year, from August to June.

How many terms can I serve?

Lacey Youth Council members can serve up to three (3) terms.

How do I apply?

Lacey Youth Council applications are now closed and open in May. Check back for more information.

Department Contact
Sadie Siglin

Management Analyst

TEL: 360-456-7788


City Manager

phone: 360-491-3214

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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