General Information

Lacey City Hall
420 College Street SE
Lacey, WA 98503
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(closed on holidays)
(360) 491-3214 or TDD: (800) 833-6388

Lacey Operations & Maintenance
Service Center

1200 College Street SE
Lacey, WA 98503
Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(closed on holidays)
(360) 491-5644


For a life-threatening emergency, please
call 9-1-1 immediately.

Report a Utility Emergency
(water main break, sewer back-up street
flooding, tree blocking roadway, etc.)
Call (360) 491-5644 
After Hours: (360) 704-2740

Report Non-Emergency
Maintenance Concern

(pothole, street light outage, landscape
overgrowth issue, request for street
sweeping, etc.)
Call (360) 491-5644

We want to hear from you!

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Department Directory
Animal Services
City Attorney
David Schneider
City Attorney
Joseph M. Svoboda
City Prosecutor
Matthew Sharp
Assistant City Attorney
Terri Qualls
Legal Assistant, Civil
Tammy Kitchen
Legal Assistant, Prosecution
City Clerk
Elissa Fontaine
Deputy City Clerk
City Manager
Shannon Kelley-Fong
Assistant City Manager
Nicole Williams
Executive Assistant
Community & Economic Development
Sarah Schelling
Senior Planner
Samra Seymour
Senior Planner
Reace Fant
Assistant Planner
Ryan Andrews
Planning Manager
Leah Bender
Department Assistant III
Cindy Carmichael
Department Assistant III
Wade Duffy
Building Official and Fire Marshal
Carlos Aviles-Ortiz
Building Code Specialist
Kevin Noah
Electrical Code Inspector
Kevin Zwink
Code Compliance Officer
Marci Price
Land Management Database Specialist
Terry McDaniel
Plans Examiner
Ty Karney
Building Code Specialist
Wesley Nguyen
Economic Development Coordinator
Grant Beck
Planning and Development Services Manager
Dylan Call
Stormwater Code Specialist
Hans Shepherd
Senior Planner
Asher Cabe
Fire Code Inspector
Human Resources
Leialani Jensen
Acting Human Resources Director, Civil Service Examiner
Kalie Nichols
Senior Human Resources Analyst (Civil Service Examiner)
Bracy DiLeonardo
Senior Human Resources Analyst (Risk & Liability)
Beverley Burdette
Human Resources Analyst
Ed Taylor
Emergency Management & Safety Coordinator
Jennifer Schaefer
Human Resources Specialist, Wellness Coordinator & LEOFF I HR Liaison
Vennessa Medford
Human Resources Analyst & Civil Service Secretary
Parks, Culture & Recreation
Robert Almada
Police Chief
Jim Mack
Patrol Commander
Joe Upton
Investigative Commander
Shannon Barnes
Detective Sergeant
Jeremy Knight
Training and Personnel Sergeant
Robert Hollis
Deputy Chief of Police
Hallie West
Executive Assistant
Anna McBee
Customer Service Supervisor
Community Resource Unit 
Public Affairs
Kelly Adams
Special Projects Administrator
Jenny Bauersfeld
Community Relations Specialist
Donna Feliciano
Communications Specialist
John Koch
Digital Media Production Specialist
Public Works
Scott Johnston
Transportation Supervisor
Tom Palmateer
Management Analyst
Jared Kurttila
Department Assistant III
Roger Schoessel
City Engineer
Peter Brooks
Water Resources Manager
Scott Devlin
Operations Manager
Aubrey Collier
Design / Construction Manager
Martin Hoppe
Transportation Manager
Tom Stiles
Development Review Manager
Linsey Fields
Water Resources Specialist
Kelley Moon
Executive Assistant
David Butler
Department Assistant III
Roger Dickinson
Wastewater Supervisor
Ed Andrews
Water Supervisor
Utility Billing