Business Licensing

To operate a business in Lacey, you must obtain a City of Lacey business license.

You must complete your application through the Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service’s online portal. This is completed through your MyDOR account by adding a City of Lacey endorsement to your existing state registration.

For assistance with setting up your business license, please contact the Department of Revenue Business Licensing Services at (360) 705-6741.

When Should I Apply for my City of Lacey Business License?

Businesses should check with the City of Lacey Planning Department to determine if their business is eligible for operation at the proposed location prior to applying for a business license. Please contact the Planning Department at 360-491-5642. Once verified and any required inspections are completed, businesses can proceed with registration requirements.

Prior to applying for a city license, businesses must be registered with the Secretary of State and Department of Revenue. You will need your state registration information for your city license application.

What Type of License Should I Apply For?

The City of Lacey has four business license categories. Please select the option that best describes your business activities:

General business license. This license type is for all business within city limits, or conducting business within city limits. If you are not sure if you will do business within the city limits, contact the city directly before you apply.

Non-resident business license. If your business is physically located outside city limits, but conducts business within city limits, a non-resident license is required.

Home business license. If your business is in a residence within the city, you must comply with Lacey Municipal Code 16.69.

Nonprofit business license. Businesses quality for a nonprofit license if they are registered with the Office of the Secretary of State as a nonprofit corporation.

How Much Does a City Business License Cost?

The initial cost for a City of Lacey business license ranges from $0 – $25 depending on your business type. Additionally, annual renewal fees can range from $0 – $10.

How Long Does It Take to Get A License Approved?

Processing time for business license applications is up to 10 business days from the date of receipt.

To check on the status of a business license, log in to your MyDOR portal and view active licenses. For questions regarding the status of your application, please email or call the Finance Department at (360)-486-8730.

Do I Need to Renew My Business License?

Yes. Your business license will need to be renewed annually.

How Do I Make Changes to My License Information?

Changes to your license, including address updates, should be done through your MyDOR portal.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes for My Business?

Most businesses must pay quarterly or annual Business & Occupation (B&O) Taxes. For details on tax liability, please see the link below.



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