Community & Economic Development

Staff in the Community and Economic Development Department help the community create a vision for Lacey’s future and work towards achieving that vision by evenhandedly balancing land use and construction permitting processes.

Long-Range Planners help the community articulate their vision, and support the Planning Commission and City Council to memorialize it through community plans, policies, and development codes.

Current Planners act as the bridge between vision and reality by providing support in writing and reviewing development codes that implement the vision in a way that is streamlined and efficient for the community members of Lacey and the development community.  The rubber meets the road when a project that meets the vision is processed by the current planning team.

Construction Team, experts in building, fire, and electrical systems, ensures that buildings in our community are safe, sanitary, accessible, and compliant with State and City construction codes. The construction team facilitates the building permit application and inspection process.

Code Enforcement staff work with our community members, neighborhoods, and business community to ensure housing, structures, and properties within the community are safe and maintained to community standards and that provisions for land use, signage, and business registration are met.

Lacey doesn’t wait for businesses to find our community and help achieve the community’s vision. Economic Development staff work to find and recruit businesses that will provide services and jobs to the community.  These efforts are highlighted at