Capital Facilities Plan Update

The City is assessing current and future general government facility needs and developing a master plan for budgeting and long-range planning purposes that will culminate in a wholesale update to the Capital Facilities Plan.  The facility needs are those that are general government-related and not covered under other specific master plans.  The primary focus of the planning includes (but is not limited to): City Hall, Maintenance Center, Martin Way Operations Yard, Animal Services, and the Senior Center and Community Center.

The goals of the effort include:

  1. Providing information needed to support City decisions and budgeting for facilities investments.
  2. Leading a transparent, objective, collaborative process focused on what’s best for the city as a whole over the life of the plan.
  3. Identifying employee space and government facilities needed to serve population growth.
  4. Coordinating with ongoing planning efforts for the Police Department.
  5. Completing an overhaul of the existing Capital Facilities Plan so that it’s easy to read, find information and be updated on an annual basis.
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