Capital Metro Independent Investigative Team

The Capital Metro Independent Investigative Team (CMIIT) is the independent team that objectively investigates the use of deadly force by the Lacey Police Department (LPD).

The CMIIT was developed to comply with Initiative 940. CMIIT ensures that LPD does not investigate its own officers’ uses of deadly force. LPD has not had an incident involving the use of deadly force for several years. LPD is committed to de-escalation and using the minimum amount of force possible, while being prepared for all  potential events.

CMIIT consists of 6 representatives from the Lacey community. The 6 community members were selected based upon their independent perspective, connection to the community, and commitment to guaranteeing legitimacy, objectivity, and transparency to these critical investigations. The City is grateful for their service.

The community representatives assist with selecting investigators for the CMIIT, review investigators conflict of interest statements for all investigations, and are present for ongoing investigation of incidents. The community members are able to speak without restriction about an incident after it has been presented to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Meet the Representatives

JASON BAILEY, Lived/Worked in Lacey for: 2.5 years
Occupation: Insurance Agent

Reason for Volunteering: I felt a strong desire to serve my community in a role that continues to build trust in our local law enforcement. This opportunity allows me to view the transparent actions by our law enforcement and confirm that the work they do meets the standards and guidelines set forth by those who oversee them. I am proud of the relationship our community and the Lacey Police Department have in place and look forward to helping make that relationship even stronger through this position.

KAREN BALDYGA, Lived/Worked in Lacey for: 3 years
Occupation: Retired Washington State Employee

Reason for Volunteering: Our city continues to grow and develop with physical sites and a diverse population. As a resident and homeowner I believe it is important to maintain the integrity, professionalism and high standards of our local police department.

SHANNON GLENN, Lived/Worked in Lacey for: 3 years
Occupation: Outreach Manager at PSE

Reason for Volunteering: I am proud to volunteer with the IIT committee because I understand the importance of the issues that this group is put in place to address. I value my community and strive to do everything I can to make my home a better place for all people. Transparency between the community, law enforcement agencies, investigators, and citizens is a great strength in Lacey and this committee is an incredible example of that.

HARRY JONES, Lived/Worked in Lacey for: 28 years
Occupation: Georgia Pacific Box Plant Employee

Reason for Volunteering: When I look at my son’s future, I want to be a part of a positive change. Maybe if a change can start small it could possibly affect our county, state, and country. Just want our community to know there is a checks and balances system in place. To hold individuals accountable for their actions.

DAN SOLIE, Lived/Worked in Lacey for: 22 years
Occupation: Project and Design Manager for Capital Development Company

Reason for Volunteering: I volunteered to help keep transparency, open communication and good relations between law enforcement and the citizens they serve.

Department Contact
Joe Upton

Investigative Commander

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phone: 360-459-4333

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