City Seeks Youth Artists for Art Project!

The City is looking for youth artists – of all ages and abilities – to take part in a public art project celebrating the area’s rich history. The artists will create designs that will transform utility control boxes throughout the City into works of art that reflect the City’s history, culture, and diversity.

The designs will be inspired by influential individuals and organizations that have positively impacted the community. The artwork will then be wrapped around utility control boxes (see image on left) in Lacey.

Visit the project webpage to learn about the individuals and organizations being recognized. All mediums of art are encouraged, a digital photocopy will be used to create the wrap.

Want to earn $300? It’s easy to apply!

  1. Pick one of the utility wrap profiles you are interested in creating art for.
  2. Create art inspired by the individual or organization.
  3. Submit a copy of your art and a brief description of your piece via email to: Sadie Siglin at by March 20, 2024.
  4. Designs will be reviewed by select City Advisory Board members.
  5. The Lacey City Council considers final designs.
  6. The selected designs will be put on utility box wraps across the City. Information about the artist and a description of the artwork will be published on the City’s web page.
  7. Successful candidates will be awarded $300 for their work.


Contact Sadie Siglin at or (360) 456-7788.