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The Compassionate Lacey Campaign is a collaborative partnership with the City of Lacey, North Thurston Public Schools (NTPS), a proud follower of the principles of the International Charter for Compassion, and the Lacey South Sound Chamber. Collectively, we are working to expand compassion in our community and engage community stakeholders of all ages.

Before signing on to the Charter for Compassion, the partners wanted to understand the idea of what it means to be a compassionate community — and to involve our citizens, neighbors, and friends in the discussion. We realized we needed this involvement to help determine what the focus areas of our campaign should be and use this to help inform our campaign goals and objectives.

With the idea of expanding compassion and involving our community in this discussion, we first needed to ask one simple question, “Is Lacey a compassionate community?”

The resonating answer was “YES.” However, just because compassion exists in our community, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. The next question then became “How can we spread more compassion?”

We wanted to bring members of our community together to create connections, share information, and explore ideas … all surrounding “compassion.” In order to have a meaningful conversation, we needed to explore what it means to be compassionate and to take a look at what we’re already doing in our community.

Lacey City Council Adopts Compassionate Community Resolution
On May 28, 2015, Lacey City Council adopted a resolution supporting a local campaign for compassion.

Resolution #1023 Supporting a Local Campaign for Compassion

Top 3 Campaign Focus Areas

We held a community forum in early 2016 to celebrate the diverse network of residents, schools, businesses, and organizations that provide the framework of compassion in our community. Through the forum, we discussed how we can celebrate, nourish, and expand the invaluable work being done in the Lacey area.

Through much discussion, we were able to break down and organize the emerging forum themes.

The main campaign focus areas include the three “C’s”:

Celebrate: Compassion exists in our community and we recognizes this. We feel it is vital to celebrate and recognize current and future compassionate acts to help keep this campaign at the forefront of our minds and actions.

Connect: We need to support conversations in a way that connects our community to continue building the campaign.

Create: We need to keep this movement alive and create an environment that fosters future campaign progress.

Goals & Objectives

With our main campaign focus areas defined, we can set future goals and objectives, while acknowledging they may change with the community and our campaign:

Ongoing Communication: Continued outreach is vital to keep the movement in motion, which includes both outreach to our citizens, and from citizen to citizen.

Community Connection: In order to connect people to take action, we created a Compassion Lacey Facebook page ( to acts as a virtual portal for outreach and provide a means for ongoing, public discussions. We hope to continue building this network in the future.

Venue for Recognition: In order to recognize compassionate acts and services in our community, the Lacey City Council will hold quarterly public recognitions during televised Council meetings.

Take the Pledge: To help raise awareness and keep compassion in the forefront of our actions, we encourage citizens, service clubs, and businesses to “Take the Pledge” to be compassionate.


2022-23 Compassionate Community Project: The Spirit of Giving Back

The City and our community partners – North Thurston School District and Lacey South Sound Chamber – are excited to continue the theme of The Spirit of Giving Back for our 6th Annual Compassionate Community Project.

This is a continuation of the theme from last year, when COVID-19 made volunteering a challenge. The campaign will highlight the many ways students, community groups, employees, individuals, businesses, clubs, and organizations are giving back to our community. You can sign up for an existing opportunity or create your own – the possibilities are endless!

Throughout the year we will share information on ways you can give back and contribute to this year’s project on our Compassionate Community – Lacey Facebook page.

Here’s how you or your group can participate:

  1. Pick up a “Spirit of Giving Back” banner before your event at:
    • NTPS District Office (305 College Street NE). Each school will also have its own banner.
    • City of Lacey – City Hall (420 College Street SE)
    • The Lacey South Sound Chamber Office (3925 8th Ave SE, Ste C)
  2. Send a selfie/photo of you or your group holding the banner and a short description of your project to so we can post them on our Compassionate Community Facebook page for everyone to see (please return banners when done).
  3. If you can’t pick up a banner, send us your service/volunteering photos anyways!

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