Criminal Background Check

The Lacey Police Department can provide limited criminal background checks for individual citizens. Lacey’s background check is based on records obtained only from criminal convictions in Lacey, and is only available to individuals requesting their personal record. There is no fee for this service.

Note: The Lacey Police Department cannot provide information from other agencies or jurisdictions in the criminal background report. 

Request Lacey Background Check

Visit the Lacey Police Department at 420 College Street SE, Lacey, Washington 98503.

Required information:  Valid photo identification

For more information, contact the Police Department at (360) 459-4333 or email

Statewide Background Check

If you are in need of a full, statewide background check or a background check on someone other than yourself, contact the Washington State Patrol at (360) 534-2000, or visit the Washington Access to Criminal History website.  Fees for services may apply.

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