The Lacey Police Department (LPD) provides fingerprinting services to Lacey residents only. If you live outside Lacey city limits, please visit the Washington State Patrol for fingerprinting services. 

A valid picture ID is required for all fingerprint applicants. 

Fingerprinting is available by appointment only.

Applicants who bring fingerprinting cards from other agencies are asked to leave all information on the cards blank as the LPD system will print the information automatically.

Application steps

  1. Call the Lacey Police Department in advance for an appointment at (360) 459-4333
  2.  Bring a valid photo identification to your scheduled appointment
  3.  Bring fingerprinting cards to your scheduled appointment (optional)
  4. Bring $12 (plus tax) per person.  The City accepts cash, personal check, Visa and Mastercard.
  5. Allow 15 minutes to complete the fingerprinting process. Time may vary depending on the condition of your prints.
  6. Excluding fingerprinting for Concealed Pistol License (CPL) applications, fingerprinting cards are sealed in an envelope and returned to the applicant.

Note: The LPD fingerprint system uses the FD 258 card on a LiveScan machine. If you already have fingerprint cards, do NOT fill them out as our machine will automatically complete them. 

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phone: 360-459-4333

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