Graffiti Cleanup

Graffiti is not just words or symbols sprayed on a wall. It is an act of malicious mischief (LMC 9.28.020) that costs thousands of dollars to clean up every year.
Help keep our City clean – report graffiti immediately using this form:

What is Lacey doing about the problem of graffiti?
The City considers graffiti to be a serious issue that affects our quality of life. If not immediately removed, graffiti can be perceived to send out the message that “no one cares” about the area. This has been shown to create an open invitation for more graffiti, property damage, littering, and loitering. As a result of graffiti, pride in a community may decrease, businesses may suffer, and neighborhoods as a whole can deteriorate. Rapid removal of graffiti is the most effective way to reduce incidents in the community.

Community Efforts
Notifying the Police Department enables officers to track and identify graffiti. This may result in apprehension of the suspect and/or assist in cost recovery for the property owner. Also, police officers will help determine if the graffiti is gang related or part of a larger problem. In most cases, police officers will photograph the graffiti for potential future prosecution and to assist with cost recovery.

Although the City dedicates resources to control graffiti on public property, the City cannot be effective acting alone. Community members are encouraged to take active steps toward maintaining their individual property, and organizing neighborhood cleanup efforts. Property owners are encouraged to paint over or remove graffiti as soon as it appears. If the resident is not the legal owner of the property, they are asked to notify the property owner of the graffiti’s presence and request its rapid removal.

How can I help keep Lacey graffiti free?

  • Remove graffiti from your property immediately
  • Plant shrubs or vines by walls or fences that have graffiti problems
  • Install ornamentation such as trellises in areas prone to graffiti
  • Keep your home and property well lit at night
  • If you see graffiti malicious mischief in progress, call 9-1-1 and report it
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