ID Theft/Fraud Packet

If you are a Lacey resident and were a victim of identity theft or fraud, no matter where the incident occurred, you can file a report with the Lacey Police Department.  All identity theft and fraud reports will be processed by the Lacey Police Department, and an individual case number will be assigned. 

Instructions for
Reporting Fraud/ID Theft Form


Obtain a notarized affidavit of forgery from your bank as well as any bank/credit card statements that show fraudulent activity.

If neither of the above items can be obtained, please provide the victim notification letter you received from the creditor informing you of the fraudulent charges/accounts.


Fill out the Fraud/ID Theft form in its entirety.


Attach all documentation (affidavit of forgery, bank/credit statements, copies of checks, etc.) to the Fraud/ID Theft form and turn in to the Lacey Police front office Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Note: You will be asked to provide valid picture identification.


Staff will assign a Lacey Police case number, make copies of Fraud/ID Theft form and any documentation included. 

A copy of the Fraud/ID Theft form and the originals of any attachments will be returned to you to retain for your records.


The finalized packet will be forwarded to the Lacey Police Detective Unit for review.

You will be contacted via phone or email to inform you of the status of your case if the reported theft or fraud occurred within the city limits of Lacey.

If found that the crime has occurred in another police jurisdiction, your report will be referred to the appropriate police department.

Generally, a bank or credit card company will require evidence that a crime has occurred when responding to illegal charges paid from your bank account or credit card.  An assigned case number is one of many steps in successfully addressing wrongful charges made to your credit.

Department Contact
Administrative Services

TEL: 360-459-4333




phone: 360-459-4333

M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm