Notary Services

Required Documents

Bring the following items to your notary appointment:

  • Photo identification (ID)
  • Unsigned document(s)
  • Witnesses (if required)


The City provides notary services by appointment only.

Appointments available Wednesdays from 2 – 4 p.m.

(360) 491-3214 | to schedule an appointment.

Cost & Payment

Notary services are provided for a fee of $3 per document for each notarial act.

The City accepts cash or check for payment.

The City does not charge to notarize passport documents, City of Lacey claims, or other City-related business.

Simple Rules Regarding Notary Services


Limitations To Offered Services

  • No walk-ins, appointment only.
  • Not all Notary services are performed at this location. For example, the following will not be notarized:
    • Complex real estate documents
    • Wills and estate documents
    • Blank documents or documents without notarial language
    • Notary block in a foreign language
  • Notaries cannot give legal advice or prepare documents on your behalf.
  • Notaries cannot sign a document that does not contain a legally acceptable notary acknowledgement or jurat.
  • Notaries cannot serve as signature witnesses on the document.

All Signers & Witnesses Are Required to Attend

  • All required signers must appear in-person before a Notary can complete the transaction.
  • If witnesses are required, signer must bring witnesses with them. The City does not provide witnesses.

Only Sign When Instructed

Do not sign the document until instructed by the Notary.


Required Identification

Signers must have acceptable photo identification:

  • ID must be current or expired for less than three years
  • ID must be issued by a federal or state government (Driver’s License, Passport, or State ID)
  • ID must contain the individuals photograph, signature, and physical description
City Clerk


phone: 360-491-3214

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm