Odd Even Outdoor Watering Schedules

During the hot summer months, Lacey Water Utility customers often use up to 15 million gallons of water per day. That is more than double what is used during the rest of the year because of outdoor watering and irrigation.

While most of us enjoy having a lush, green landscape during the height of our outdoor activities, large numbers of people watering at the same time can cause stress to the water distribution system. Alternating our outdoor watering days helps conserve valuable water resources, helping your water utility meet peak summer demands.

In 2006 the Lacey Water Utility adopted the following outdoor watering schedule for all of its water customers:

This schedule is in effect every year from June 1st to September 30th.

There are exceptions to the schedule that do not require prior City approval:

  • Outdoor potted plants and hanging baskets
  • Plants growing inside of greenhouses, both residential and commercial
  • Publicly owned facilities with active playfields
  • Washing of cars and other vehicles
  • Pressure washing

You must apply for a temporary exemption or variance if you:

  • Plant a new lawn (sod or seed)
  • Plant new landscaped areas (trees and shrubs)
  • Have an irrigation system that waters areas on both sides of the street at the same time

To apply for a temporary exemption or variance contact Water Resources, (360) 491-5600 or WaterResources@cityoflacey.org

Failure to follow the Odd/Even schedule may lead to fines, and ultimately, shut off of the customer’s water service.

  • A first reported violation results in a warning.
  • A second report results in an official Notice of Violation.
  • A third report results in a $125 fine.
  • After a fourth reported violation, water service will be shut off and with a fine of $250.

For tips and water saving items, please visit our Water Conservation page.

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