Police – Public Records Request

To obtain a copy of a police report or other public information, please submit your request electronically through our requester portal. If you do not have access to a computer, you can submit your request in person or by mail. Please include the case number of the report. If the case number is not known, please include the date, time, location, names and dates of birth of individuals involved so we can locate the record. By law, we have up to five business days to respond to all requests.  All information subject to public disclosure laws.

Request Process

Records request are received and processed Monday-Friday 9:00am- 5:00pm (except holidays). The Lacey Police Department records division will within five business days after receiving a request, either:

  • Provide the record(s);
  • Acknowledge your request and give you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to fully respond; or
  • Deny the request in writing, with reasons and specific exemption(s) for the denial. If your request is denied in part or in whole and you believe the information furnished has been incorrectly redacted or withheld, you may file a written appeal with the Chief of Police within seven business days from the date you receive the request.

email: records@cityoflacey.org

phone: 360-459-4333

M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm