Financial Assistance

Do you need help paying your water bill? There are several programs available: Lacey Utility Discount Program, Lacey Utility Assistance Fund, Other Programs

Lacey Utility Discount Program (LUDP)

The City offers a 50% discount on residential City utility services (water, sewer, and stormwater) for customers who qualify as:

  • Low-income* AND disabled


  • Low-income* AND over 62 years old

Once qualified, the discounted rate will apply to the next billing cycle. To maintain the discount, customers must re-apply every two (2) years.

The City’s Utility Department handles this program. Click here to learn more and apply.

*Per Lacey Municipal Code (LMC), a low-income applicant means an applicant having a combined disposable income that is less than 50% of the median income for Thurston County for a household equal in the number of persons to that of the applicant (Water: LMC 13.32.032; Sewer: LMC 13.16.065; Stormwater: LMC 13.70.037)

Number in HouseholdEstimated Income50%
1-person household$78,900$39,450
2-person household$90,200$45,100
3-person household$101,500$50,750
4-person household$112,700$56,350
5-person household$121,700$60,350
6-person household$130,700$65,350
7-or-more person household$139,800$69,900

Lacey Utility Assistance Fund (LUAF)

This donation-supported fund helps low-income families and individuals with their City water bills. Individuals and families who qualify (eligibility is based on 150% of the Federal Poverty Levels) can get up to $75, twice a year, if the program has funds available.

The Community Action Council handles this program for the City. You can visit their website, email, or call (360) 438-1110 and select ENERGY, option 5 to learn more.

2023 Federal Poverty Levels (Department of Health and Human Services)

Number of People2023 Income Numbers150%
Family of 2$19,720$29,580
Family of 3$24,860$37,290
Family of 4$30,000$45,000
Family of 5$35,140$52,710
Family of 6$40,280$60,420
Family of 7$45,420$68,130
Family of 8$50,560$75,840
Family of 9++$5,140 for each extra person+$7,710 for each extra person

Other Programs

The Community Action Council (CAC) oversees applications for a variety of financial assistance grants and programs.

To find out what funds are currently available you can:

  • Visit their website, select Programs, Energy & Weatherization, Energy Assistance
  • Call (360) 438-1110 and select ENERGY, option 5
  • Email

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