Gravel Lot Closure For Regional Athletic Complex Parking Lot Expansion

Beginning Monday, December 4, the gravel lot in the Northwest corner (Marvin Rd SE and Steilacoom Rd SE, see photo below) of the Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) will close for construction of a new asphalt parking lot and additional site improvements. The lot will remain closed to the public until June 2024.

The project involves site preparation, stormwater improvements, grading, paving, installing various site furnishings, and landscaping. When finished, the new parking lot will contain more than 340 parking stalls including six (6) electric vehicle charging stations, eight (8) accessible parking stalls (ADA), and eight (8) bus stalls. In addition to the parking lot, Steilacoom Rd SE frontage improvements will include a sidewalk, bike lane, associated stormwater facilities, street lights, street trees, and other landscaping.

For more information about the RAC Parking Lot Expansion Project or to sign up for email updates, visit the project webpage.