Local Jurisdictions Seek District-Wide Representative for Capital Area Regional-Public Facilities District Board

The cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater, and Thurston County seek applicants to fill a vacant, district-wide representative position on the Capital Area Regional Public Facilities District (CAR-PFD) Board.

This position is one of the three members of the Board appointed as district-wide representatives by the elected officials of Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County. The position cannot be filled by an elected official of these bodies. To apply, submit an application at CityofLacey.org/ApplyCAR-PFD. The vacancy is open until filled. The first review of applications will occur within 30 days of notice.

The CAR-PFD, a municipal corporation, is a special taxing district created by Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County in 2003. The CAR-PFD finances payments on bonds issued by Lacey and Olympia for construction of two regional event centers: Lacey’s Regional Athletic Complex and Olympia’s Hands on Children’s Museum.

The CAR-PFD is authorized to receive 0.033% of the State share of sales and use tax that is generated in the four jurisdictions, as allowed by RCW 82.14.390. This legislation authorized the use of State revenue to promote economic development by supporting the construction of certain public facilities in local jurisdictions.

The seven-member Public Facilities District Board of Directors has fiduciary responsibility for the appropriate use of sales tax revenue it collects and distributes. The Board meets annually to review financial statements and issue an annual report to the public on the use of those funds.

If you have questions, contact the Lacey City Clerk’s office at (360) 491-3214 or CityClerk@CityofLacey.org.