Rapid-Response Clean-Up Team

The Rapid-Response Clean-Up Team assists the Community Resource Unit with the collection and clean up of abandoned shopping carts, abandoned homeless camps, and nuisances in the public right-of-way and City-owned property in Lacey. They help address safety and nuisance issues, which frees up the CRU’s resources, allowing them to focus more attention on law-enforcement-related duties.

DOT Property 3rd Avenue October 2021 Clean-up
Abandoned Encampment Cleaned Encampment

Sleater-Kinney Road SE DOT Area
Department Contact
Scott Devlin

Operations Manager

TEL: 360-491-5644

EMAIL: scott.devlin@cityoflacey.org

Public Works

email: pwfrontcounter@cityoflacey.org

phone: (360) 491-5600

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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