Stormwater Facilities Resources


Thurston Storm Water Education

Free online learning platform, where you can learn about our watershed, habitat restoration, and actions you can take to protect local lakes, streams and drinking water!
Courses include:
Private Stormwater Systems Inspection and Maintenance
The Stormwater Lesson
Click the link below to register for a course.
Thurston Storm Water Education

Stormwater facilities resources and education. On this page you can find education, applications, and staff contacts for the stormwater utility.

Pet Waste Stations

To see if your neighborhood qualifies for a free pet waste station please feel out the application and return to You can contact Linsey Fields at if you have questions about an existing station or notice broken dispensers.

Pet Waste Station Application

HOA/Residential Private Facilites

Annual Maintenace Inspection Form

Free Storm Pond Education Sign

Stormwater BMP Maintenance Guide

The City of Lacey offers free weed wrench tools and free dumpsters for maintenance of stormwater facilities you can contact to check out tools for maintenance.

Contact Royce Young, for questions regarding private stormwater facilities.

Business/Commerical/Apartment Facilites

Annual Maintenace Inspection Form

Contact Jack Froschauer at for questions regarding commercial stormwater facilities.

Other Resources

Contact Water Resources at for more resources including storm drain markers, free trash & recycling containers for events, and questions regarding stormwater facilities and maintenance.

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