Energy Efficiency Rebate Matching Program


2024 Update

The PSE/Lacey Matching Rebate program will end on May 15th for the 2024 cycle.
All work needs to be completed by May 15th, 2024 in order to qualify for the matching rebate from Lacey.
Please note this only pertains to the matching rebate and not your rebate from PSE. Please check back regularly for updates on the 2025 cycle for the PSE/Lacey matching rebate program.

The City of Lacey is partnering with Puget Sound Energy to match PSE’s energy-efficiency rebates. That means Lacey residents can receive double the rebate amount for recently installed qualifying equipment. This matching rebate is funded by a City initiative as part of its Climate Action Plan.

To qualify for the City of Lacey matching rebate, the work must have been completed after August 4th, 2023.

Please Note: There is NOT a separate application to receive the City of Lacey matching rebate. If you already know what rebate you want and you live within the Lacey City limits, visit PSE | Get Rebates to Lower Your PSE Bills to get started.

To learn more, watch the webinar and view the FAQs below.

Am I eligible?

Confirm you live in zip code 98503, 98516, or 98513. If so, continue to the next step below. If not, you are still eligible for PSE rebates, but not the matching City of Lacey rebate. Please visit   

Use the mapping tool to verify you live within Lacey City limits. Note: You must live within Lacey City Limits to qualify for the matching rebate. Access the mapping tool here and follow the instructions below.

What kind of rebate am I looking for?

Once you have confirmed you live within Lacey City limits, determine the energy-efficiency upgrade you would like to pursue.

  • PSE’s Efficiency Boost program gives higher rebates to income-qualified residential customers with incomes below 90% of the area median income. Please visit the PSE website to view the income guidelines and access the required Income Qualification form.
  • Manufactured Home rebates are for customers who live in a manufactured home.
  • Standard rebates are for all other residential customers.
  • Please note: the combined PSE plus City of Lacey rebates max out at the total pre-tax project cost.

Get to Work

Request a contractor referral to get a bid for your project.

  • You may also get the PSE and City of Lacey rebates if you use a non-PSE contractor to complete the work, and/or complete the work yourself. Please visit to see the various program requirements and rebate forms.

Complete the Work

Once you have completed the work and submitted PSE’s rebate application, you will automatically receive the City of Lacey matching rebate approximately 2 weeks after receiving the PSE rebate. There is NOT a separate application required to receive the City of Lacey matching rebate. To get started visit PSE | Get Rebates to Lower Your PSE Bills.

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions, contact Linsey Fields, City of Lacey Climate and Sustainability Coordinator at

After you receive your Lacey matching rebate, we will send you a short survey to provide feedback on your experience.

Department Contact
Linsey Fields

Climate and Sustainability Coordinator

TEL: (360)486-8739


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phone: 360-491-5642

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