Human Services

The City provides and supports a broad range of local human services to community members. The services are targeted to alleviate hardships and help individuals to access community resources. The City engages in this work in four (4) distinct ways:

  1. Direct social service outreach & clean-up response;
  2. Coordinated efforts with regional and community partners;
  3. Providing funding to support the work of non-profit and other governmental entities; and
  4. Advocacy for more comprehensive solutions to homelessness at the state and federal level.

Through this work, the goal of the City is to provide and support services in the community that are done with compassion, enhance public safety and wellbeing for all, and are legal.  The following provides a brief overview of the ways the City of Lacey is working on this issue in the community.

Direct Social Services & Clean-up Response

Coordinated Efforts with Regional & Community Partners

Human Service Funding for Non-profits & Other Governmental Entities

State & Federal Level Advocacy

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Department Contact
Michelle Chavez

Human Services Coordinator

TEL: 360-486-8746


City Manager

phone: 360-491-3214

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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